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The Mystic Fox - Banishing and Cord Cutting Spell Kit


Is it time to cut ties to someone or something that you’ve been harnessed and strapped to for far too long?  Letting go of a person, experience, or object with our Banishing and Cord Cutting spells will give you the strength you always had within you with a little assistance from us. We hope these kits help you to finally find closure and cut the cord you’ve been tethered to. The kit includes everything you need and has 12 candles which is enough for 6 cord-cutting spells or rituals

Banishing and Cord Cutting Spell Kit

    • Pack of 12 black spell candles
    • 2 star spell candle holders
    • Jar of himalayan & dead sea salt
    • Black Obsidian arrow head and card
    • Sage infused with Dragons blood
    • 6 twine cords
    • Instructions
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