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Our Cleansing Crystal set contains 


  • Paulo Snato Smudge Stick
  • Sage Smudge Stick
  • Orange Goldstone Bracelet
  • Clear Quartz Keyring
  • Selenite Crystal
  • Orange Calcite Crystal 
  • Clear Quartz Crystal
  • Protection Incense Sticks


Wheter you are trying to cleanse yourself, a room, objects or other crystals this set is perfect for defending against negative energies. 

For best results keep the crystals close to you, in your pocket, in a necklace or in your bra.


Paulo Santo and Sage are excellent cleansers both for you, your crystals and surroundings, they helps irradicate negative energies, and protect all the smoke touches. 


This set is brilliant value, wiht items individually purchased coming to over €30


Cleansing Crystal Set

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