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Our Low Mood protection set contains 

  • Sage Smudge Stick
  • Happiness incense sticks
  • Black Tourmaline Keyring
  • Black Onyx Bracelet
  • Chrysoprase Crystal
  • Vulcan Jasper Crystal
  • Black Obsidian Crystal
  • Crystal Cage and Necklace


If you have been struggling with your mood for whatever reason, we have put together this set to help you on your journey. Our carefully selected set includes stones which are said to help with feelings of depression, sadness and help protect you from negative energy. 


Sage is an excellent cleanser both for you, your crystals and surroundings, it helps irradicate negative energies, and protect all the smoke touches. 


This set is brilliant value, wiht items individually purchased coming to over €30


Low Mood Protection Set

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