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Aids in angelic protection and removes energy block. Balances the emotions and calms the mind and soul. It cleanses all unwanted negative energies in the space it occupies and is also a beautiful crystal for cleansing other crystals. 


Using Your Crystal Pendulum to Answer Questions

Your crystal pendulum can also be used to help you answer questions that come to mind. Remember, you already know the answers intuitively, your pendulum is just giving you a visual to affirm it.


  1. When you first receive your pendulum before you use it, sage your pendulum until it becomes still.
  2. Hold it in your hands and set an intention.
  3. Ask your pendulum to show you what a yes is. Sometimes it will go back and forth, or in a circle. Everyone’s will be different.
  4. Now, ask your pendulum to give you a no. It should be different than your yes.
  5. With the movement for your two answers established, ask your pendulum yes or no question, and see what the answer is.


Always remember that your pendulum is a tool. It’s an extension of what’s going on inside you, but you may not be aware of it. It helps your external get in touch with your internal.


Due to the nature of crystals, each is unique so may vary slightly from the picture. 

Our medium pieces vary from 4cm at their longest point. 




Selenite Pendulum

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